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Getting out in nature has many mental and physical benefits. Niksen is the Dutch art of doing nothing, or doing something without a purpose. It is a practice that prioritizes slowing down and letting your mind wander, and nature is the perfect place to support this. Join me in getting outside for 8 days, and start to feel the benefits of feeling calmer and more present to your life in the midst of all its busyness.

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After all, doing nothing hardly seems like a revolutionary idea. But as you’ll discover, there is so much more to niksen than doing nothing.”
- Olga Mecking

Doing nothing doesn't come naturally to many people. We strive to be efficient and multitask, aiming to be successful, whether that's at home or work. In most societies, there is a stigma around doing nothing, and hence being lazy. We often feel guilty when we're doing nothing, thinking of what we should be doing, or comparing ourselves to others

This guide is the first step in giving yourself permission to take some downtime out in nature. Even 10 minutes outside can lower our blood pressure and help us start to relax and gain perspective amidst our busy lives. This guide offers tips on what to do once you're outside, helps in setting your intentions and reflecting on your experiences, and helps set goals to continue your niksen in nature practice.

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